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StormyCloud's Guide to Install I2P+t

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How to Install I2P+

I2P+ Router Console

I2P+ is an enhanced version of the Java I2P anonymizing network platform that aims to deliver a superior user experience and improved network performance while retaining full compatibility with upstream I2P. An enhanced user interface with updated themes, easier to understand configuration and diagnostics, and an augmented feature set make I2P+ a compelling alternative to the official I2P release.

First you need to SSH into your fresh installation of Debian or Ubuntu. Of course, I2P+ will work on other distributions but we are using Debian 11 for our OS for this new I2P+ router install.

  1. Step 1: Let us go ahead and fetch all prerequisites, and update the server.
    sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install default-jdk wget -y    

  2. Step 2: I2P+ should not be run at root so, we will create a new user to run the I2P-router.
    sudo adduser i2p && sudo usermod -aG sudo i2p    
  3. Step 3: Let us go ahead and switch to the new user and fetch I2P+.
    su i2p
    cd /home/i2p
    sudo wget

    Note: At the time of writing this, 2.20 was the latest release, so our URLs in the examples reflect that. To check for the latest releases, view The Latest I2P+ Releases and amend the instructions as needed below.
  4. Step 4: Once downloaded, we can run the headless java installer for a quick, guided setup within the terminal.
    java -jar i2pinstall_2.2.0+.exe -console
    NOTE: You will then be met with a couple of prompts for input to complete your installation and setup. For: Select Target Path, Let us install it to /home/i2p/i2p to help keep things tidy on the server.
    I2P+ Java Headless Installer

  5. Step 5: We need to make sure that I2P+ will start automatically if we restart our server.
    sudo nano /etc/rc.local
    Add the following line into the file and save it by pressing CTRL+X
    /bin/su i2p -c "/home/i2p/i2p/i2prouter start"
    rc.local open in terminal

  6. Step 6: We will need to change the permissions on the /etc/rc.local file.
    sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.local    

  7. Step 7: Now we can launch I2P+ from the terminal and finish setup via the browser.
    ~/i2p/i2prouter start
    NOTE: If you installed I2P+ on desktop Linux distribution (Something with a GUI)  Then you can go directly the I2P+ configuration wizard.
    I2P+ New Install Wizard
    If you install the I2P+ on a remote server, you will need to create an SSH tunnel. This varies depending on which operating system you are using. You will want to forward ports 4444,7656,7667.
    Windows Instructions
    Linux Instructions
    Mac OSX Instructions

    Setting up your browser to access I2P network sites

    The I2P network has Eepsites, websites that are accessible from the I2P network using a .b32.i2p or .i2p address. This is somewhat similar to how the Tor Network has Onion Services. To access these eepsites your browser must first be configured to proxy your requests over the I2P network. Regular websites, by default, will use the purokishi.i2p outproxy. This outproxy will allow you to browse the regular internet in a similar fashion to using a Tor Exit. Your network requests will be routed through the I2P network of routers, similar to what you have just installed, and will use the defined outproxy to fetch the data from the regular internet. In Firefox (or the browser of your choice) change your network proxy settings to what is shown below. For this to work, you must have first completed the earlier step where you create a SSH tunnel for your I2P localhost ports.

    Firefox Proxy Settings

    Using I2P

    I2P+ includes a built in torrent client (I2PSnark)to download files safely and securely.

    I2P Snark (Torrent Downloading)

    To find torrents to download head over to Postman I2P tracker, where you will find many different items to download. http://tracker2.postman.i2p/

    Want to send mail through the I2P network? Head over to Postmans I2PMail application.

    I2P Email

    I2P is full of exciting and fun eepsites(websites) to find some of the them use notbob directory services. Here you can find both active and new eepsites! http://notbob.i2p/

    I2P notbob

    While you are I2P, check out our eepsite! http://stormycloud.i2p/

    StormyCloud I2P Website

    Speical thanks to and dr|z3d.