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StormyCloud Cryptocurrency Nodes

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Cryptocurrency Nodes

What is a Cryptocurrency Node?

The technical definition of a "node' in computer science is a device playing a part in a network. In the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency, a node is a computer running blockchain software to store and validate transaction history. Each node is responsible for holding an identical copy of all blockchain transactions. Nodes broadcast the creation of new "blocks," a group of news transactions on the blockchain, so each node updates its database simultaneously and similarly. Nodes are responsible for maintaining a correct database of prior transactions in a distributed manner. They validate all dealings on a "distributed" or "peer-to-peer" blockchain network.


State: Active
Enabled Tor & I2P Support


State: Active
Clearnet Address:
Tor Onion Address: 4kzkwyooeth3lxajxs7pmcriq6cgvnbex2vojum2uqflczsci4dlreyd.onion:18089


State: Active
Max Connections: 128

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