2022 Transparency Report

2022 was StormyCloud’s first full year, and it was full of ups and downs. We had to rebuild our Proxmox cluster twice, once due to an issue after changing our IP scheme. The other was after a host died, and removing the host from the cluster caused things to go haywire. We started the year using PFsense as our routing platform, then started to have congestion issues that we could not resolve. So are ending the year using Netgate TNSR on different hardware. Mid-year, the TOR network started getting hit with a DDoS attack, which caused most of our older servers to crawl. This shifted our focus from many TOR exit nodes to only providing a few TOR exit nodes but on systems that can offer higher speeds. On to the new good news, we were introduced to a new community, I2P. Initially, we ran I2P nodes on all of our servers but have since created dedicated servers to handle I2P traffic. After closely working with the I2P development team, we started a secure and fast I2P Outproxy. An I2P Outproxy allows users to access the clearweb using I2P. In August, we were selected as the default Outproxy provider for I2P. As we move into 2023, we want to continue our success and work closely with more privacy-based projects such as Lokinet and the Freenet Project. We want to offer TOR and I2P hosting for the community. Lastly, we would love to provide a free privacy-based VPN for all. Regardless of what happens, we will continue to fight for the privacy for everyone.

Data Routed: 7,014TB (7PB)
Legal Requests: 1 (See here)

Major Accomplishments:

  • Became official Outproxy provider for I2P

Goals for 2023:

  • Become a top 10 TOR exit node provider.
  • Expand into other privacy-based projects (Lokinet | Freenet)
  • Look into a free privacy-based VPN solution.
  • Get outside funding (donations, grants, etc).
  • Reduce expenses

2022 Financials

Operating ExpensesAmount
Equipment Lease or Rental$6,748.04
Registration Fees$1,107.29
Equipment Purchase$3,494.99
Contract Services$1,472.78
Printing & Reproduction$36.40
Total Expenses$13,029.33
Direct Public Support – Business Contributions$2,095
Direct Public Support – Individual Contributions$345.68
Donations – Crypto$856.22
Equipment Sales$1,425
IP Rental$3,971.81
Total Income$8,693.71
Net Profit





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